Current Software USA, Inc. - Sample Projects

Infinite Campus Customization - Client: Elizabeth School District, Colorado

Develop automated export of student rosters and related data to external sources. Automatically report (email) any changes in the students' enrollments and staff movements recorded in Infinite Campus.

Catalog Manager - Client: Reliance Parts Corporation, Minden, Nevada

The project was to simplify the management of an on-line parts catalog, by allowing mass-updates of items in a complicated Bill of Material structure. This was mainly achieved by developing stored procedures in a MS SQL Server database, with a MS Access front-end. 

Bank and Visa Statement Printing for a Credit Union - Client: Don Jassel Enterprise, Inc., Reno, Nevada

Developed a MS Access / SQL Server application that would load bank and Visa statement raw data into a database and print formatted statements to be mailed to the Credit Union’s customers. 

Special Events Staffing and Contracting System - Client: Leep Entertainment, Reno, Nevada

Designed and developed a system to manage the process of hiring musicians and other staff to special events. The system was based on SQL Server, and includes a QuickBooks interface and an email interface. The system can automatically send out hire request to musicians (including ICAL attachments), and when they replied, the system would intercept the email response and update the database accordingly. The system greatly simplified both the sales process and hiring process .

Truck Scheduling Database - Client: Reno Drain Oil, Sparks, Nevada

Designed a relational database in SQL Server to keep track waste oil pickup and scheduling.Transferred old legacy database to a more modern SQL server database with over 50 tables. Greatly increased efficiency and accuracy for scheduling, creating reports and data analysis. New database/program also helped keep track of client’s needs better

Inventory Database w/Barcode Scanner Interface - Client: Pollock Packaging West, Reno, Nevada

Developed a system to keep track of Pollock’s inventory of large paper rolls, by barcode scanning items when receiving and shipping, using a hand-held cordless terminal/scanner. The scanner software was implemented using VB6, and forms and reports were developed using MS Access.

Subscriber Data Analysis System - Client: The Press Enterprise, Riverside, California

Developed a data warehouse system to clean and analyze current and historic subscriber data extracted from legacy databases. The system was based entirely on SQL scripts (SQL Server) and included an external address cleaning/verification procedure.

Extended Service Plan Database - Client: Harley Davidson, Carson City, Nevada

Designed a marketing system based on MS Access, to load motorbike sales data into a database. The customer service reps would use this system to call owners of new motorbikes to offer them an extended service plan. The system would keep track of how many calls were made per CSR and how many contracts were sold. New sales data was automatically distributed evenly to each of the sales reps.

New Product Introduction Database - Client: Hewlett Packard, Roseville, California

Developed a complete system to keep track of how much of the time individual people spent on various development projects per month. It also tracked targets per department. The system was developed with MS Access towards SQL Server database. Included in the project was the complete design and implementation of the SQL Server database, including tables, views, triggers and stored procedures

PITTRAK - Client: Harrah’s Entertainment Co, Nevada

Worked on “Pittrak”, Harrah’s automated Pit Player Tracking system. This was a complex VB/SQL server application that included OLE/ActiveX Automation components and numerous third party controls. Tasks included:
  • Database design/re-design including design of stored procedures and triggers.
  • VB and Crystal Reports programming.